YOUR CONSULTANT IS Donetta & James Dalman

My Story

I was a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom for twenty years but my kids are all grown up now and I knew I was going to need something else to do.  I also wanted to do something that could help bring in a little extra money.

Enter Scentsy. :)

I started selling Scentsy in September of 2011. I had actually never been to a Scentsy party and had never used Scentsy products but I started talking to the couple who were soon to become my sponsors and they were telling me about how great a company Scentsy is.  I checked into it and spent time asking them questions and decided I liked what I saw.  I decided to jump in and see what I could accomplish!

I now have a thriving business and enjoy it so much!  Scentsy really is a great company to be in and I'm having so much fun and making money too!   Not only have I been able to contribute to our monthly income through Scentsy, I have made so many new friendships, met some wonderful people, and had so much fun having parties and meeting other women!  

And if all of that isn't rewarding enough, I have been able to earn EIGHT trips through Scentsy!  I've been to Hawaii, The Bahamas, a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean, a 5 day cruise to Mexico for Leadership, a trip to Disney World, a trip to NYC for Leadership, and a week in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and this summer I'll be going on a Mediterranean Cruise!  This company just blows me away with their generosity and giving spirit.  To be able to have a chance to earn what I consider to be a trip of a lifetime (EIGHT times!) is just amazing!

Would you like to be going on that trip with me next year? We are now working on earning a trip to Mexico to stay at the all inclusive resort - Moon Palace in Cancun!!! eeek! Email or call me and I can help you get there!!